Google Glass is obsolete 

“ Now, after playing with the Android Wear emulator for a few months and actual Wear hardware for a few days, it’s time to call it: Google Glass is obsolete. Android Wear on a smartwatch does nearly everything Glass can do and then some, and it comes in a package that is significantly more ergonomic, convenient, cheaper, and socially acceptable. Android Wear has almost all the positives of Google Glass and none of the negatives. ”
Ron Amedeo, Ars Technica

Defensive BASH Programming 

“ Nothing is new here, but from my experience people like to abuse BASH, forget computer science and create a Big ball of mud from their programs. ”
Kfir Lavi

Kfir Lavi is right, this must end. And I’ll admit it, since I usually write BASH when I need to get some task done fast, I too tend to pay little attention to code cleanliness. That’s why I found this article a great remainder on how we should always approach coding.

Backup your server on the cloud with Dropbox

If you have a little unix server and are you searching for an affordable and reliable solution to create automatic backups, a little bash script an a Dropbox account could be your friends.

How To create SharePoint folder recursively in c#

Here’s a little C# snippet to check for List or Document Library SPFolder folder existance that will create the desired library folder path, if needed.